5 Marketing Communication Tools To Try

Engaging with your healthcare audience can be a tricky business. If your messages via traditional mediums are falling on deaf ears, it might be time to try a new approach to marketing communication tools.


Gone are the days of reliance on printed materials or TV adverts to communicate with an audience, marketers are now faced with a myriad of marketing communications tools to help spread their message. Although traditional tools still hold much merit, marketers must move with the times (and often be ahead of them!) in order to connect with their audience.


If you’re not sure about new marketing mediums, why not dip your toes and give one of the below tools a go:


1. Blogs
Content marketing is big business. According to Curata, 72% of marketers have a content strategy in place1, and blogs are a great place to start. The key to a successful blog is creating content which is valuable to your audience. In healthcare communications, blogs are an effective way to provide valuable content to patients on healthcare and lifestyle issues. Your blogs can also be visual; think infographics. These are great for sharing on social media.


2. Videos
Videos are a marketing communication tool with the potential to reach a vast audience, Youtube has over 1 billion users!2 This digital tool gives marketers an opportunity to be creative, unique and even humorous; showing some personality is a great way engage. From bigger budget animations to quirky videos shot on a smart phone, this tool suits every budget and can be used in a purely promotional way or as part of your wider content marketing strategy.


3. Podcasts
An increasing number of people are listening to podcasts, with Apple reporting over 1 billion subscriptions to podcasts on iTunes.3 With the opportunity to create a series on specific topics, interview thought leaders in your healthcare field, or provide bite size chunks of information, podcasts can be used to communicate with on-the-go audiences listening on their mobile devices whilst at the gym, commuting, or even doing their grocery shopping.


4. Snapchat
If communication with millennials or generation z is your aim, then snapchat is the tool for you. According to a blog published by Hootsuite, more than 150 million people are using snapchat to watch over 10 billion videos daily4, this translates into a huge potential audience for your message. Like videos, snapchat affords the opportunity to build relationships with your customer and to be creative. Snapchat is a great marketing communication tool to showcase your brand personality.


5. Host a remote event
Events can be an effective way to spread your message and be heard, but they can also be costly and aren’t always feasible on limited marketing budgets. Instead, why not try hosting an event remotely using a platform like VCC Talk (https://vcctalk.com/). This platform gives you the freedom to connect people in various geographic locations, without the expense of organising a large scale event. Particularly useful in healthcare marketing, a platform like VCC Talk can be used to host Q&A sessions, presentations or talks given by industry experts.



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