Weight Tracker App: BodyLite for iOS and Android

BodyLite is a simply designed, easy-to-use personal weight tracker app for iOS and Android smartphones.


BodyLite: Weight tracker app for iOS and Android
BodyLite App for iOS and Android: Personal Weight and BMI Tracker


With obesity becoming a growing problem across the world, people are being urged by their doctors to pay more attention to their weight and control it. Since 1980, worldwide obesity has more than doubled, leading to serious illnesses and diseases such as diabetes and heart problems.


This is why we created BodyLite, a simple weight tracker app for iOS (iPhone) and Android smartphones. Users can track and monitor their weight and get corresponding BMI readings.


With so many complex and cluttered apps available on the App Store claiming to aid weight loss, Leading Brands have created a seamless and effortless app to make it easier to track your weight; not more complicated!


Track and reach your target weight, and see your BMI, in just two screens. No useless features, cluttered screens; no annoying adverts, no diaries and annoying questions to fill out.


You can monitor your weight and reach your personal goals without getting sidetracked or spending 20 minutes working out how many calories were in that apple (cough, pie) you just ate.


With an innovative menu style, which is one touch and thumb-friendly on the right side of the screen, we have made this app as easy to use as possible, making this the weight tracker app of choice.


Turn the privacy feature on to access the app with a PIN so no one else can see your weight.


BodyLite also has integration into Apple’s Health Data so that your weight automatically syncs without the need to enter your weight twice. You can authorise the app to read and write data to Apple Health Data, depending on your preferences.


What others are saying:

“Very low price for great functionality.” 4.3/5 – Apple Magazine

“I love the app, and like the food suggestions. You hit the mark, with a nice clean look!” – Dr. James Piecowye, Chief Conversationalist on Nightline @ DubaiEye. Listen to the full review:

 BodyLite is a handy tool for monitoring your weight as you strive to reach your target. The interface is smooth and intuitive making it a convenient and uncomplicated way to stay on track with your weight goals.”AppAdvice


What are you waiting for? Get BodyLite, the best weight tracker app for iPhone and Android smartphones.



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