Where to reach HCPs

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are constantly on the go with consultations, paperwork and surgery, leaving their free time at work limited. However, they are still finding the time to access clinical trials and evidence-based medicine. One of the ways in which information is now more accessible to physicians is the smartphone: doctors are going digital. In order to reach HCPs, your content needs to be in places they will see it.


Some of our own research found that 69.5% of physicians across the Middle East access their smartphone or tablet for professional use at least once per day. It seems, just like the rest of the world, doctors are going through a digital revolution. With so many people and companies already tapped into the digital market you need to make sure your content stands out and actually reaches HCPs. Optimising your mobile user experience is vital, and don’t forget the power of social media, which goes hand-in-hand with mobile digital. Our HCP survey in 2014 found that 78.6% of respondents are on Facebook, 54.5% are on LinkedIn and 30.5% use Twitter. This is a clear opportunity to reach HCPs and maintain online communities encouraging professional conversations and discussions.