Why you shouldn’t ignore internal communication

Effective internal communication is a critical component of a strong organisation. Poor communication with your internal audience will be reflected in external communication, affecting customer satisfaction.


Organisations are often so focused on external communication and marketing, that internal communication is forgotten. Effective internal communication is the cornerstone of a profitable business, neglecting your internal audience is setting yourself up for failure.


Employees should be your brand champions in all external communications, but this won’t happen if they aren’t well informed. Customer satisfaction can’t be achieved if staff are disengaged. It is crucial that the right amount of information is communicated internally at the right times.


An organisation with an effective internal communications strategy will have a workforce who are:

  •  Engaged
  •  Motivated
  •  Loyal


The benefits of this speak for themselves.


There are a whole range of tools at the disposal of management to communicate effectively with their internal audience. From traditional emails and departmental meetings, to staff newsletters and HR management systems. Developing a fun and engaging staff intranet, with regularly updated information, can prove an efficient way of communicating internally. Lastly, don’t forget about informal or outside of work gatherings, which are not only fun, but can be useful in creating engagement.